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Gold Tone end of line clearout sale


Hi Everyone,

I would like to address the question i am often asked by customers regarding us not stocking Gold Tone banjos.

Gold Tone are now distributed in the UK by EMD who are setting up the banjos themselves before sale in the UK.

We have always prided ourselves on our setup skills and we would not be happy to sell a banjo setup by anybody else.

There price increase means that we no longer have any marging to touch the instruments ourselves so we have made the decision not to stock them.

We will always be happy to take old examples in P/X and are happy to carry out repair work and setups on customers banjos.

If you are looking for a Gold Tone banjo at a very attractive price compared to the new EMD prices please checkout our Gold Tone clearance sale appearing later this week.

Ben River band


We had Ben River, Mark Kennedy and Lee James in the shop yesterday to play a couple of their songs using some of our Grafton Banjos.


Mark Kennedy can be seen in these two videos using a Grafton Clipper #4 open-back old-time 5-string banjo followed by a Grafton Clipper #4 'Bacon FF' open-back old-time 5-string banjo



Mark later did a couple more original songs using our Grafton Clipper #3 bluegrass banjos.


Heres Mark playing "This" on a Grafton Clipper #3 Tubaphone bluegrass resnator 5-string banjo..


and here is "That" being played on a Grafton Clipper #3 Tubaphone bluegrass resonator 5-string banjo


These videos are great and show just how versitile our Grafton banjos are!

Also find Ben river on Facebook @

Autumn Sale


The prices of our Grafton Gem and Popular #2 banjos are falling like the autumn leaves this month.

We are offering all Grafton Gem #2 and Popular #2 banjos with a £30 discount in price.

As with all Grafton banjos they are setup for optimum playability and tone.

Have a look and grab yourself a bargain!

Delta blue uke banjos back in stock.


We are pleased to announce that the Delta blue DUB2 and DUB-2F uke banjos are back in stock.

The DUB-2 is priced at £195 and the DUB-2F is priced at £220.

Summer Sale


Hi Everone,

Robin and i have been chosen some banjos from the stock rooms for our summer sale offer.

If you check out the used and vintage banjos section of our site you will find all manner of banjo bargains on offer.

All the best,


Benji Kirkpatrick at The Banjo Works.


Benji Kirkpatrick of Bellowhead and Faustus recently paid a visit to the shop to receive his Grafton Clipper #4 Tubaphone short-scale open-back tenor banjo.

You will be able to see Benji playing the Grafton Clipper #4 on the last leg of Bellowheads farewell tour and future Faustus and solo tours.

Benji is embarking on a new solo project, reinterpreting the songs of Jimi Hendrix; stripping back the layers of guitar, the psychedelia and the era,revealing the songs in their pure form. Remembered for his pioneering,exceptional ability as a guitarist, on (and off) stage antics, Hendrix’s legacy extends to a wealth of great songs. Leaving behind the guitar altogether (Hendrix did that rather well…), Benji tackles his material on bouzouki,banjo and mandolin, and will perform the songs of Hendrix like you’ve never heard them before.

The live show will incorporate a first half of Benji’s own material, with the second half entirely dedicated to the Hendrix material and set against a specially commissioned visual backdrop, to be created by Shropshire based artist, Esther Thorpe. The Hendrix songs will feature on a new album ‘Hendrix Songs’ due for national release on 18 September 2015, marking 45years since Hendrix’s death.




Benji Kirkpatrick - Hendrix Songs is available via the following sites:

iTunes, Amazon & Proper Music.


For Bellowhead and Faustus releases please visit the links below for information.



Grafton Gem Resonator 5 strings have arrived


Good news if you have been waiting for the Grafton Gem Resonator 5 string banjo there back !!!

They will be avalible to buy as of next week so keep your eyes on the web site to be the first person to own the new Gem with wider fretboard.

Cheques no longer accepted at the Banjo Works.


Sorry but we will no longer be able to take payment by cheque due to the closure of our local branch of the HSBC bank.

We try to offer a quick turn around when an order is taken and with no means of paying in a cheque on the same day we think it best to cancel this service.

Sorry for any inconveniance caused.

All the best,


Grafton Clipper at the South Pole.


The Grafton Clipper is well-known as a pretty durable beast (several have done tours in Afghanistan & others have done various wildlife films in Africa & South-East Asia) so we weren't that surprised to be approached by Dr. Alex Kumar to provide a banjo for an expedition to the Antarctic. Alex was aware of the well-known story of how the Medical Officer on the Shackleton Expedition (Dr. Leonard Hussey) had taken his banjo along so he felt it would be appropriate for him to do much the same when taking up a similar post at the Concordia Base in Antarctica. We built him a suitable banjo and duly despatched it to the South Atlantic in October 2011. Despite the delivery being delayed by uncooperative pack ice (shades of Shackleton!!), it arrived about December 2011.

Click here to view the Grafton Clipper OTC

The banjo survived the trip and is now back in the UK. Here's a picture of the banjo itself outside the Concordia base - in truth, that's not quite at the South Pole (about 1000 miles away) but it's probably a good deal closer than most banjos ever get to the South Pole (including Leonard Hussey's).

Click the photo below for Dr. Alex Kumar's website photo d15e7259-e1ab-48df-8505-a102501955df_zpscdb03771.jpg

For those who might be a little sceptical of this tale ( are there cries of "Photoshop" in the background??), here are some other references for this adventure. When you want a banjo that really is built to last, the Grafton Clipper is the one..

 photo a69cc1a6-da40-4326-a4e3-2004adf5ccf8_zpsb0138c0e.jpg

 photo dc317997-001d-4d44-bff1-652aff3427e0_zpsc791d936.jpg

 photo 8e4957ae-f768-4ab5-b73d-89765c693378_zps3484c64d.jpg

All photos have click through links.

Pilgrim Banjos


We have recently added a new range of Banjo to out stock list. Pilgrim Banjos. Pilgrim Banjos are a range from the 'Vintage' and 'JHS' company.Pilgrim have a wide range of banjos which we stock that range from 5 string, tenor, short scale tenor and ukulele banjos.
Below are links to all of our Pilgrim banjos. 

Pilgrim banjos:

Celtic Dawn number 1 Short Scale Tenor

Celtic Dawn number 2 Standard Scale Tenor

Performer UB4 Ukulele Banjo

Performer UB6 Resonator Ukulele Banjo

Rocky Mountain number 1 resonator 5 string

Rocky Mountain number 2 resonator 5 string

Rocky Mountain number 3 resonator 5 string

Shady Grove model 3 open back 5 string

Shady Grove model 7 open back 5 string

Jubilee open back 5 string

At the present time, we only ship to addresses in the UK and the Republic of Ireland
If you have any queries or questions about particular instruments in this catalogue, please feel free to contact us.

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